Welcome !

You will find here all my work as non-professional Level Designer for the following games:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Swat4. I also make some custom liveries for the games Project Cars 1&2, Dirt Rally &  Dirt 3 CE.

About me :

I was born in 1978, I live in France and I am product designer in the automotive industry.

I am passionate about music, movies, video games of course, photography, motor sports, painting, literature, and art in general, but also sociology, philosophy, astronomy and so much more !

I started mapping in the year 2004 in games like UT2K4 or SWAT4, and some years after on the game UT3.

I have some experience in areas such as level design, texturing, scripting (Unreal script & Kismet) & sound design. I have knowledge in coding and 3D modeling too.

I have also create myself an entire mod for the game Swat4 named Ex-Filtration.

I’m also a music composer since about 20 years, and mainly for Epic Original Soundtrack since 5 years.