Swat 4 Maps

All my work as level designer & moder for the game Swat4.
All this maps work for single player & coop mod. (Check the read-me file to obtain indications on “how to” with the activation of lift, mechanism, pusher button…)

Note 1: See instruction inside the read-me file to install and play the maps.

Note 2: almost button need to be activate by the “use” command, and a few one (on my first maps) need to be activate just by “push” it with your body.

Note 3: You need for the most part the extension of Swat4 named SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate to play the maps.

How to download : Click on the picture to obtain a download link ,)

SP-Car’s Dealer  (v1.2)

Video (thanks to TheSerbKing) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Novatech’s Building

Walk-through Video (bad quality sorry) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Creepy Hotel

Video (thanks to TheSerbKing) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Panic Room (CoOp version)

Video (thanks to Fox Hound ) – Spoiler inside so don’t watch if you want search by yourself where is the panic room :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Faya’s Refugees (v2)

Video (thanks to TheSerbKing) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Interval 17 (rmx version)

Video (thanks to OtherGamesSUB7) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Fairfax Reloaded

Video (thanks to OtherGamesSUB7) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Residential Ops

SP-Snake Loft

Video :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-Delta Center

Video (thanks to TheSerbKing) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-St Paul Asylum

SP-Baths of Anubis

Video (thanks to TheSerbKing) :

Download (click on the picture below) :

SP-The Building (v1.1)

Video (thanks to OtherGamesSUB7) :

Download (click on the picture below) :


SP-China Hotel

SP-Nova Corp

This map is a mess (some bugs, failed experiment etc…), it’s my first one, so try it at your own risk …)

Video (thanks to Fox Hound) :

TSS Server sort by author’s name mod
A little modification of the TSS server classification (all is on the picture below) :

server sorting

TSS Enhanced Editor (for mappers)
A little modification allowing a fast creation on the SwatEdx with the addition of 17 new shortcuts on the right click menu (details on the read me) : Download

Quick Start (FR) : Download
Movers in Swat4 (EN) : Download
See “Links” section for more Tutorial resources

88 thoughts on “Swat 4 Maps

  1. Cool stuff. And yeah, it’s still popular because there are very few other games like this. Rainbow Six Raven Shield probably the closest one.

  2. I waited so long for new good maps, and……here they are!!! Great job man!!!! I also can´t understand that there is no SWAT 5, because it is still so popular.

  3. When i put it in my folder i can play it as using console but i cant see the map at “Host Game” if you know and have time to help me , email me 😛

  4. Sebastien greetings from Russia! I for many years and now play in your maps for SWAT 4. I know them by heart. They are magnificent, perhaps better than the original maps. My favorite map is Residential Ops. I very want you to do more maps for SWAT 4. I’ll wait). And by the way what program you make them? And is it difficult to learn this?

  5. Hey, can you help with this Nova corp map – I don’t know how to get through where gas is escaping and you can’t go through. What do I have to do/activate?

  6. hi men a query and created a map for swat 4, but the online play is crashea think you could help me?
    exelentes true I congratulate your maps

  7. amazing work man .but.haw to use it in single player mode ! i can c and play the maps online but what about the carer mode ? and thanks ^_^

  8. Dude, i’m trying to make a level but i always mess up somewhere and i have limited static meshes. How did you make such amazing maps? Where did you get all these static meshes and textures? 😛

  9. Nova Hello, first of all congratulations on your maps are really cool … I think one with your tutorials and something I taught myself, I’m still a noob in this,

  10. hi bro, one more question, is possible to add to the game other static meshes from other games but with the same format at the swat? what program should I use? there is not much information about this game so massively played

    • It’s not as easy, you need to have the editor of the other game and the ability to export the static mesh to something who can be read by 3DS Max or Blender, then export it in .ase format if I remember well, then import it in the swat editor and apply a skin on it, good luck ,)

  11. Hey, already told you how awesome your work is but you can’t say it often 😉

    I got one question – Some maps are set to play as “lone wolf” – how can you change that so you can add npcs again?

    • thx !
      if a map is created in “lone wolf” it’s mean no AI are set inside, so you cannot change that easily, because it need a lot of stuff to put AI inside (pathnodes, flee point, startpoint etc…), so you have to make that by yourself with open the map with the editor and do the job, good luck, but don’t forget to ask to the author of the map the permission to modify it before 😉

  12. Another question 😉

    Sometimes I get an error and my games crashes at custom maps… I’m not sure if it’s happening on one of your maps but maybe you know the problem (and the answer^^):

    “No Label

    SWAT Build Number: 1.0

    Access Violation caused General protection fault!

    History: UAnimNotify_EffectEvent::execNotify [this=AnimNotify_EffectEvent2 owner_param=SingleDoor1] <- UObject::ProcessEvent [Function IGEffectsSystem.AnimNotify_EffectEvent.Notify() on AnimNotify_EffectEvent SWATDoorAnimation.AnimNotify_EffectEvent2] <- UAnimNotify_Scripted::Notify <- UpdateAnimation bDeleteMe: FALSE] <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick [(NetMode=0)] <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld GenerateExtraCrashInfo [(GLevel: ‘myLevel’ PendingLevel: ‘(NULL)’ NetMode: ‘NM_Standalone’] <- MainLoop"

  13. I have played SWAT4 COOP for a very long time, and I have played almost every custom map for this game. I must say that map you made are definitely in “THE BEST OF THE BEST” maps I have EVER played. My friend and I have passed all of them, and we definitely want more!

    I just wanted to thank you for the hours of fun you gave me and whole SWAT4 community. You really are an icon of the SWAT4 mapping scene. I made some maps myself and I know how hard it is, especially to mix all of SWAT’s most interesting stuff together in making a masterpiece like Baths of Anubis, UNDERGROUND, NovaCorp etc. If you will ever release any new maps for SWAT4, count on me to play them!

    Just found this website again a few weeks ago, and I re-downloaded all these maps, and playing them with my friend again. They never get old!

    Hoping to see more stuff soon! 🙂
    |WM| Linux

  14. Hi,
    I’m preparing to creating own swat4 server with custom scripts.
    But I can’t find any tutorial about how to compile .uc to .u file. Have you ever done it? If yes, can you help me?

    Anyway, awesome maps :D!

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  16. I recently dug out SWAT4 again after some time and of course one of the first things I did was installing your amazing SP maps to have some Coop fun with some friends of mine.
    By the way: Thank you for your work on those maps. I would most likely not play SWAT 4 to this extend if it wasn’t for your custom maps (and of course those of some other map creators).
    However me and my friends were a bit baffled as we reached the hidden door behind the second shooting range on the map “UNDERGROUND”. We could up until now not figure out how to pass this door. It would not open on approach, neither running, walking or crouching and we could not find any of those buttons nearby. Any hint would be appreciated.
    Best regards,


    • Hi Richard, thanks for your comments ,)

      About the map Underground, don’t forget it’s one of my first maps and it was a mess inside due to lot’s of try & test on it and it could be buggy in some places.

      But for your question, if I remember well, you cannot use it from this side, you have to find and go to the “red” corridor to reach this spot, and at the end of it, you have to shoot on the wood box (or on the gas tank) in order to make the ramp down, after it’s just a trigger who will open the hidden door who leads to the shooting range.

      Underground red corridor
      Hope it help ,)

  17. Hi, Sebastian

    I am trying to make swat 4 maps and I would like to get some hint…

    How do I change suspect behavior AI? I can do it in map editor or I need some other tools to change Unreal Script?

    Thank you!

  18. Hi Sebastien, what’s the console? After that i launch Swat.exe, i press 2 but don’t have any result! 😦

    P.s. I have SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

  19. Hi, sebastian your maps are awesome a lot of player still playing them!…….i would love you continue doing new maps for swat 4 but is easy to say. i want ask you do you know if is possible for trainning on quick mission maker….make the suspects use less lethal, taser and baton?. Thanks.

    • Hi Martin,
      Unfortunately I am retired from my mapping activities, anyway, thanks a lot for your comments on my works, it’s mean a lot for me to see that peoples still playing on my maps !
      Sebastien NovA

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